About Us

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining carpets, upholstery, and garments, our goal is simple; get it cleaned without ruining it. An easy task for seasoned cleaners, but there are some that are unable to achieve one without failing on the other.

Shopthegarmentdistrict.com is a site made to guide amateur cleaners to reach a level of cleanliness while maintaining the quality. Giving you age-old tricks and methods of getting rid of stains and the proper method of avoiding the accumulation of dust. Allowing for a healthy, clean and germ-free environment.

We try our best to teach you the most economical, efficient, and effective way of cleaning different materials in carpeting and upholstery. While at the same time making sure that the materials that you use do no immediate harm to the environment, as one should value the importance of protecting the environment as you clean your environment.

We research and test out different cleaning methods out for you so that you may be able to find the best one that suits you and your home. By doing so, we can assure our readers that the methods we recommend are truly effective.

Each article we carefully research and double check to give only accurate and timely advice.

We encourage our readers and visitors to reach out to us through our contact page. Please feel free to tell us about your experiences in trying out our guides and tips, and if you have a cleaning secret you would like to share to us we would love to add it into our tips and guides.

Cleaning is an art that benefits everyone around you, keeping your loved ones healthy, and making your home and place of business shine. Our love for cleaning compelled us to create this site and share with the world our methods.