The Difference Between Steam Cleaning Carpets and Clothes

steamThroughout the years, humans have managed to harness natural phenomena and been able to direct their use for human purposes. These purposes can be something as earth-shattering as creating a bomb or generating electricity, or it can be something more mundane as house cleaning. Steam is a powerful force, and for many years, it has been utilized by those in the cleaning industry to clean a variety of things, including carpets and clothes. In fact, steam cleaners can be used to clean practically any surface in the home, and they are powerful and effective enough to dig deep into dense fibers and eliminate dust mites, germs, and fungus.

Steam cleaning has now long been a mainstay in at least two cleaning industries: cleaning clothes, and carpet cleaning. While both do work with the power of steam, these two types of cleaning are not completely the same.

Steam Cleaning Carpets

steam 1The great thing about using steam cleaning for carpets is that you can simply use a steam cleaner sans any cleaning products or chemical cleaners. That is how powerful steam is. It can penetrate into the densest carpet fabrics to eliminate and kill viruses, dust mites, allergens, molds, grease, and other pollutants without using any chemical-based cleaner, which is certainly a plus for those who prefer green cleaning methods, and especially for those who suffer from allergies. It is certainly a great detoxifying agent, which is a big plus if you have kids or toddlers in the house who are spending a great deal of their time playing on the carpets. And if your kids are romping around on the carpets with the pets, you would want to doubly make sure that the carpet is free from everything, including pet dander, fleas, and the remnants of pet pee and vomit – with may be a common occurrence if you have both in your household.

There are a great variety of steam cleaners now available in the market, and these kinds of equipment can reach temperatures as high as 285 degrees or higher, so a great deal of caution is advised when dealing with powerful temperatures and heat. Be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Steam Cleaning Clothes

Steam cleaning can also be used to clean, deodorize, and even remove the wrinkles off of our clothes. Of course, the equipment used is not the same. There are handheld devices commercially available which are specifically designed for steaming clothes, which are certainly a far cry for the larger and bulkier carpet steam cleaners.

Steam cleaning clothes is a great way to clean, deodorize, and sanitize our clothes. In fact, some appliance brands are now offering steam washes and steam dryers as an alternative to the more traditional washer and dryer appliance. A word of warning, though, in that steam cleaning should never be used for clothes that are made of silk, leather, fur, and suede.


Steam cleaning is a great way to clean everything in our homes, like our carpets and our clothes. Please remember, though that steam as a powerful cleaning agent can also be quite dangerous, and can literally burn us because of the high temperatures. So, exercise proper caution, don’t let children operate your steam cleaners, and above all, make sure that you dry your clothes and carpets thoroughly afterward to prevent more dust mites and bacteria from taking hold and settling into your carpet.